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Pattaya to Airport


Bell Travel Service have an office inside the bus terminal on North Pattaya Road (Sukhumvit road end) from where coaches will go directly to the airport’s departure terminal. Pick-up service from your hotel in Pattaya to the bus terminal is also available and included in the price.
Departure times 6h, 9h, 11h, 13h, 15h, 17h, 19h
One-way fare 200 Baht (paid to service staff upon boarding the coach. This price includes pick-up service from your hotel.)
Tel. 038-370 055-6 (Pattaya office).
Airport-Pattaya Bus Service (Roong Reuang Coach Co. Ltd.) offers direct transfer from Jomtien to Suvarnabhumi airport (departure terminal on the 4th floor) – with only 32 seats in each bus and an estimated travel time of two hours.
There are two departure locations – one at their Soi Chaiyapruek office (off Jomtien Beach Road), and another one at their main Pattaya office outside Foodmart supermarket on Thapphraya Road (opposite Pan Pan restaurant, north of the junction with Thepprasit Road).
Departure times (Soi Chaiyapruek) 7.30h, 9.30h, 11.30h, 13.30h, 15.30h, 17.30h, 19.30h
Departure times (Foodmart office) 7h, 8h, 10h, 12h, 14h, 16h, 18h, 20h, 21h
One-way fare is 134 Baht (February 2013).
Transport Co. Ltd. coaches (yellow bus no. 999) depart from their office on Soi Chaiyapruek, just around the corner from Jomtien Beach Road (opposite the “second” police box).
Departure times 9h, 13h, 17h, 19.30h
One-way fare approx. 134 Baht. Tel. 038-231 142 (Jomtien office)

Metre taxis to Suvarnabhumi Airport or Bangkok may be chartered in many travel agencies or at small taxi booths all over Pattaya at a flat rate of around 1,000 Baht – plus the multiple surcharges for tollway usage (expect around 100 Baht).
Limousine taxis can be booked in most hotels and travel agencies, with fares around 2,000-2,500 Baht.

Airport To Bangkok

background yellow in color for mini vanbackground green in color for sedan car          The difference between personal vehicle (black label) and public taxi (green label) in terms of bringing the car hire. For – passengers. At the airport to various locations.

 Premium is cheaper than personal car cab

Time to take compensation claims to be a problem.

Will be seized and a fine. The charges for driver license

And vehicle misuse.

Things are important if a serious accident.

Insurance may be denied compensation.

Be running for – passengers can be considered as illegal car.

Therefore, passengers are foreigners must use caution.

The vehicle must be registered as a taxicab or cab car (green label) only.

















Taxi Airport


The State Railway of Thailand is delaying the opening


The State Railway of Thailand is delaying the opening of its Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link after it found the developer Siemens would be unable to finish the railway on time. SRT governor Yutthana Thapcharoen yesterday said his agency had planned to start commercial services between inner Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi airport next month, but Siemens was not ready to hand over the system. Mr Yutthana said Siemens had not installed all 70 surveillance cameras required along the railway. Radio communications do not cover the link’s tunnel at the airport and the power supply for the railway was not yet stable. The installation of the cameras should be finished next week, and Siemens would then turn its attention to the radio communications and put in place a back-up power supply. “The power supply is a big problem,” Mr Yuthana said. “It must pass tests. Trains will stop if the service starts and encounters a blackout.” Mr Yutthana said there were also other smaller problems. He had ordered staff to report any problems so he could alert the SRT board, which would then find ways to solve them. Mr Yuthana said it would take three more months to test the 28km, 26 billion baht system after Siemens handed it over to the SRT. The agency will seek compensation from the German company for the delays, Mr Yutthana said

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Transfer To Pattaya



Pattaya City is conveniently located in Chonburi province at the Eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 140 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, and only a 90-minutes drive from the capital’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport. Due to ambitious road construction since the 1990s, the motorway connection between Bangkok and Pattaya has constantly improved, so that now it is only a two-hours drive between both cities.
Pattaya’s central location near Bangkok and the kingdom’s main international airport, from where several  offer inexpensive domestic and international flights, also makes the seaside resort a perfect hub for tourists who enjoy travelling around Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. 

North – now being used mainly for cargo and domestic flights – has made it even easier and faster to get to Pattaya. On average, it’s just a 90-minute bus or taxi ride from the new Bangkok airport to Pattaya. Suvarnabhumi Airport – Official Airport Website  Suvarnabhumi Airport Guide

Taxis depart from airport level one and charge a flat rate of around 1,500 Baht (i.e. unless you opt for an expensive “limousine” service, which can easily cost you a few thousand Baht.) An air-con taxi ride, of course, is most convenient after an exhausting long-haul flight; however, as anywhere else in Thailand, be aware of rip-offs. As with most taxis in Thailand, except for “taxi meters” in Bangkok, passengers will have to negotiate a price with the driver first (which also applies to “pseudo-taxi meters” at the airport.) In general, anything between 1,500 and 1,800 Baht should be enough to get you to Pattaya.
Public bus service from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya or Jomtien is provided from the bus terminal at the airport’s Transport Center. To get there, you can use a free shuttle bus from outside the main terminal. The free shuttle service may take about 15 minutes to get to the bus station (last stop!) Several bus companies offer their services from here. Please note that fares and departure times may change frequently.
Transport Co. Ltd. offers two bus services to Pattaya, with one coach going to North Pattaya and another one going to Jomtien Beach (Soi Chaiyapruek). Take the air-conditioned (yellow) bus No. 389 to Jomtien Beach, or bus No. 905 to North Pattaya.
One-way fare approx. 120 Baht. Tel. 02-1344 099 (airport office)
Airport-Pattaya Bus Service (Roong Reuang Co. Ltd.) provides direct transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Jomtien and vice versa, with only 32 seats in each coach and an estimated travel time of approx. two hours. The company’s Jomtien office is located outside the Foodmart supermarket on Thappraya Road (opp. Pan Pan restaurant, just around the corner from Thepprasit Road).
There are two departure locations at Suvarnabhumi Airport, one at the airport’s main bus terminal and another one on the 1st floor of the arrivals terminal (between gates 7 and 8).
One-way fare is 134 Baht (February 2013).
Bell Travel Service operates a private bus service between Suvarnabhumi and Pattaya’s main bus terminal on North Pattaya Road (Pattaya Nua). They also providesa “Door to Door Service from Arrival Hall to Pattaya Hotels,” meaning that upon arrival at the North Pattaya bus station, passengers will be transferred to vans that will take them to their respective hotels in Pattaya.
Passengers can either take the free shuttle bus to the Transport Center, or have Bell pick you up at their Meeting Point on the ground floor of the terminal building (level 1, arrivals door 7, near the Tourist Police counter) where you can also buy the bus ticket. Bell service staff will direct you to where the coach will pick you up, which is just outside arrivals door 7.
Departure times 8h, 10h, 12h, 14h, 16h, 18h.
One-way fare 250 Baht (paid to service staff upon boarding the coach. This price includes drop-off service to your hotel in Pattaya.)

profiles of taxi drivers at the queues


Deputy Transport Minister of the new government, Songsak Thongsri, has pledged he will get rid of all influential gangs controlling taxi queues at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports. He said he wants the Airports of Thailand (AOT) to regulate taxi queues with fair practices and collect the profiles of taxi drivers at the queues. He also plans to allow any taxi drivers who drop off departing passengers to queue up and wait for arriving passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport. This policy should eliminate influential groups controlling taxi queues there, he said. Currently, taxis taking departing passengers to Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang are barred by some influential groups from queueing and picking up arriving passengers. Only official airport limousines and unauthorised taxi limousines under the control of the influential gangs are allowed to pick up passengers at the airports. Mr Songsak disagrees with Airports of Thailand’s plan to set up a new taxi queue at the public transport centre within Suvarnabhumi airport which is a few kilometres away from the passenger terminals, and impose a 10-baht charge on each taxi driver. He said that after the new Airports of Thailand board took office, he and the board members would visit Suvarnabhumi airport. He intended to wipe out mafia-type gangs and their unauthorised taxi services there. Mr Songsak also said he planned to revoke the long-standing taxi surcharge of 50 baht that drivers impose on their passengers at both airports. He said the taxi surcharge should not exist because air passengers paid airport tax and the Airports of Thailand should be able to absorb the surcharge. However, Chairat Sa-nguansue, deputy chief of the Land Transport Department, said the 50-baht surcharge had been in place since Don Mueang was Bangkok’s major airport and its termination could cause problems. Taxi drivers said they need the surcharge because they have to wait for passengers at the airports. The surcharge took effect with a regulation the former Transport Ministry had issued in the past. Its termination would have to be approved by the cabinet, Mr Chairat said. In another development, Asia Security Management Co (ASM), a subsidiary of Loxley Group, expects the new Airports of Thailand board to scrap its predecessor’s decision to halve its 10-year-long security contract for Suvarnabhumi airport. ASM chairman Sompop Charoenkul yesterday said his company had not delivered on standard security services as contracted because of the airport’s rushed opening but that it had already improved its services up to the contract requirements. The previous Airports of Thailand board chaired by Gen Saprang Kalayanamitr (one of the Sept 19, 2006 military coup leaders) was negotiating details of halving the 5.4-billion-baht contract but then had to resign after the new democracy government took office. As the negotiations had not been concluded, Mr Sompop said he hoped the new Airports of Thailand board would not continue with halving the contract value. (BkkPost)